in the doghouse
Take a peek inside!

What is Barking Dog?

Barking Dog Chocolatiers (aka the Dog) is a small artisanal chocolate company whose mission is to make you smile and drool. We have three basic principles:

1. All profits are donated to local charity.

2. Everyone is a volunteer - no salaries are paid.

3. All products are handcrafted.

Who are the big BowWows?

Retired pediatrician Dr. Joal Fischer and retired biology professor Dr. Deborah Langsam are both management and labor. This husband and wife team designs, tests, produces, packages, and distributes everything coming out of the kitchens. Joal is the Grand Poobah and Debbie is the Lord High Everything Else of the organization.

Who else barks at the Dog?

Wonderful friends help with taste testing new products, packing big orders, and doing graphic design for candy and packaging. John Duncan, owner of Bonterra Dining & Wine Room in Charlotte, serves the Dog's candy and pastry and sponsors Barking Dog Chocolatiers as part of his business. And the dynamic duo of Marcie Braden and Dan McArdle designed our wonderful website.

Where was the Dog born?

Joal and Debbie have been making chocolates and pastry in Charlotte since early 1997. In response to requests from friends to buy their chocolates, they founded Barking Dog Chocolatiers in early 2000. Since then, they have had the wonderful fortune to train with expert pastry chefs and chocolatiers in Paris, Montreal, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and other locations.  They concentrated their studies on chocolate chemistry, recipe development, flavor blending, candy design, and basic techniques such as tempering, framing, molding, and panning.